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[Dec 27, 2006 * 11:23am]
I'm back in Boston. Yet still as depressed as ever.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. And I'll see you all soon - maybe. Lucy and Mad...Lucy, I guess you can come round whenever you want, to get your present.

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[Dec 8, 2006 * 5:29pm]
Does anyone know what is going on?

I got a phone call from Maddie's mom, to tell me that I was a bad influence, that she didn't want me to see Maddie again and that I had broken a mother's heart. How? At the end of the call, she was almost crying. And then I heard Maddie come in, and then there was shouting, and suddenly the phone was grabbed...I heard Maddie say "sorry", before it was slammed down...

Is everything okay? Is Maddie okay? Her mom could have killed her for all I know.

[Oct 23, 2006 * 12:24pm]
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